For the Western Australia government, as far as elections go it is the closest election seen with the Vote count continuing through the week following the election. The balance of power was held by the National Party who could have swung either way.

The Nationals leader Brendon Grylls has been in talks with both the Liberal and Labor party over the last week. It saw him negotiate the best deal for rural and regional people as he pushed his 'royalties for regions' policy which will see more than $2 billion flow to the regions in the next four years.

The National Party have announced it will back their traditional allies the Liberal Party and leader Colin Barnett.

'Brendon Grylls strikes a tough bargain' Mr Barnett said.

'I believe it is the right decision, I believe it is the decision the people of Western Australia have voted for and I look forward to working with Brendon and other National Party.'

He said the focus would now turn to getting on with the job and after a period of intense negotiation with the Nationals he described Mr Grylls as a "tough negotiator".

The royalties plan would include Liberal election promises including new hospitals for Albany and Kalgoorlie and the South-West gas pipeline.

The former Premier Alan Carpenter announced he would resign as Labor's leader after conceding defeat.

Monday 15th September 2008

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