Treating the Termite

We had a termite inspection done on our home in Woodvale over the weekend. We have been in the property 18 months now so the inspection was 6 months late and I was glad we did not leave it any longer.

It important to have a termite inspection completed in a property you are looking to buy because the last thing you want to do is find yourself with a property with an untreated termite problem.

Mal of Torpedo Pest Control was our termite inspector. He came round on Saturday which was great as it meant that I didn’t need to take time from work.

To begin with Mal completed a thorough inspection of the buildings and surrounds. The inspection took about 90 minutes and as I followed Mal around watching him tap the skirting boards and peer with his torch into all the dark corners he explained to me what he was doing.

Mal was using what is known as the thump method which involves methodically thumping walls and timber, pausing to listen for termite activity.

He paid particular attention to areas around the property (and beyond) that may be conducive for termite infestation. Areas such as

• Timbers which have ground contact or are close to the ground

• Moist areas or places with poor drainage/ventilation. This is because termites are a soft-bodied creature, and therefore need a constant source of moisture in order to survive

• Hidden or inaccessible areas such as bricked in verandahs and subfloors. A darkened environment suits termites because it harbours moisture and is less likely to be disturbed

As we went round told he me about the termites and were we could make a few changes to avoid infestation in the future, such as putting the pine dresser we had in the garden shed on concrete slabs and removing some tree stumps. We did find some termites out in a tree stump in the back garden which, although not good news did mean I get to get a peak at what they looked like. Mal let me have a peek but then closed the opening to the nest quickly.

Picture of Termite

He explained that you don’t want to disturb the termites or else they will disappear and set up home some other place. You want to treat the infestation and be rid of the termites. Now the termite infestation that we found was not the nest, there was no sign of the nest which could be as far as 50 meters away, possibly in the park at the bottom of our road. The important thing though was to treat the termites we had found.

Picture of the termites we found
in our back garden

Following inspection Mal supplied me with a written inspection report. He told me It is essential that when the property is inspected you’re given a report It will identify if there are any termites at the property and recommend a range of termite control to suit your particular circumstances before any protective measures are commenced. Naturally there should be an emphasis on safety and effective protection of the premises so if your termite controller does not explain what they are don’t be afraid to ask.

You can expect professional termite inspector to charge between $150 and $300 for an inspection and report, including termite control protection advice for an average size dwelling, depending upon the style of construction and ease of inspection. Its money well spent a professional termite report could save you thousands of dollars.

Mal told me that he uses a chemical called termidor to treat termite infestation because it’s a safe product and gives great results.

Before Mal commenced treatment of the termites he first asked us to put our cat inside the house and keep her inside for a few hours. Although the treatment would not cause her serious harm it would make her poorly if she came into contact with it. The termite infestation treated Mal left after first arranging to come back on a few weeks time to check the nest to be sure the termites are dead. Should they still be living (which is unlikely) he will re-treat them (at no extra charge) and come back again a few weeks later for another inspection. He would continue to do this until the termites had gone.

The other great thing is that Mal has also made a note in his diary of when the termite inspection was done and in 12 months time he will give me a friendly reminder that we need another inspection (save me leaving it 18 months again). There is no pressure to use him again the choice is mine but I found that he offered a professional service and took time to explain everything he was doing so I will have no problem using Mal again.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him so if you need a termite inspection done and would like Mal to give you a call to arrange a suitable time to see you please complete your name and number below and Mal will be in touch.

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