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It's Fathers Day In Aussie Land

It gets difficult keeping track with when you need to send a Fathers or Mothers day card as it is a different date in Australia to the UK or the US.

Fathers day has been promoted by the local radio, press and papers for weeks now and finally the day arrived.

Of course for the Dads back in the UK Fathers day has already been and gone.

Sunday 3rd September 2005

No Going Back

Yes No Going Back are looking to firm a new series and they are looking for families.

Will you be moving here within the next 6 months, to take on a new life, and new job or a self sufficient lifestyle?

The series is all about people taking on brand new challenges in a remote or rural location. Filming is normally on and off with families for 9 months – 1 year.

If you feel you fit the bill, complete a quick application form

Tuesday 6 September 2005

  Shark Attack

This morning saw yet another shark attack close to a WA beach. WA waters have seen 25 shark attacks in thelast 5 years, three of them fatal.

What was thought to be a 1.5m bronze whaler made a bee line for 44-year old surfer Brad Satchell.

Brad said he used his board as a shield and punched the shark in the head when it attacked him 120m from shore. He went on to say that he first saw a shadow about 20 feet away, and actually smiled thinking it was a dolphin or seal. It was only when it got closer that he realised that it was a shark and it was coming straight for him.

Brad turned his board on its side and used it as a shield as he punched at the water. He felt a punch connect and got a glimpse of the shark'shead before it swam away.

Brad went on to sat that he had been surfing the waters down at Scarborough Beach since he was 12, but this was the first time he had seen a shark and it wasnot going to stop him getting back in the water. I shan't be racing out there again today and in the future I shall be sure not to be on my ownnor surf at high tide.

There were about 100 surfers in the water at the time of the attack and most kept surfing afterwards.

Friday 23rd September 2005

  West Coast Eagles so close to winning the Grand Final but loose out to Sydney Swans

West Coast Eagles lost the Grand Final to Sydney Swans down by just four points today.

Yep it was a nail bitting game which could have gone either way in the final five minutes.

Saturday 24th September 2005

  Disappointed Eagles welcomed back to Perth

Up to 5,000 people have packed Subiaco Oval in Perth to officially welcome the West Coast Eagles home.

A sea of blue and yellow greeted the Eagles as they appeared at Subiaco, following their heartbreaking four-point defeat to Sydney in yesterday's AFL grand final.

Coach John Worsfold told the faithful that would go one better next year.

"These players want a lot more taste of finals football, grand finals and premierships," he said.

Worsfold was honoured with a rousing rendition of 'happy birthday' from the fans.

Senior players, including Ben Cousins and Norm Smith medallist Chris Judd, also addressed the crowd.

After the speeches, the players signed autographs and posed for photos. They will now take a well-earned break

Sunday 25 September 2005

  1 in 4 Australians Born Overseas

New figures show that almost a quarter of all Australians were born overseas, the highest proportion in more than a century. Migrants from Britain make up the largest group, followed by incomers from New Zealand, Italy and China

Tuesday 27th September 2005