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Foreign mining, petroleum and chemical engineers, along with dental specialists, wanting to work in Australia will jump to the front of the queue under changes to the migration skills list.

Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone and Employment Minister Kevin Andrews announced more occupations had been added to the Migration Occupations in Demand List ( MODL ) in an effort to give Australian employers access to a wider range of skilled workers.

"Professions and trades listed on ( MODL attract extra points for workers with those skills or qualifications for points-tested visa categories, making it easier for them to come to Australia as skilled migrants," the ministers said in a statement.

"The list has been extended to include mining engineers, petroleum engineers, chemical engineers and dental specialists."

The list of in-demand occupations now includes 34 professional occupations and 26 trade occupations.

Senator Vanstone said the list would be reviewed on a six monthly basis to ensure it was responsive to the skill needs of Australian employers.

"The extension of the list to include additional occupations will boost economic growth and job opportunities in key industries," she said.

Source: The Age Company Ltd

Tuesday 1st November 2005

Skilled Migration Expo in Perth Today

A series of Expos are being held to help fill Australian job vacancies that exist due to skill shortages in Australia.

These Expos will target job vacancies for people with recognised qualifications and/or work experience in an occupation on Australia's Skilled Occupation List.

See: Skilled Occupation List

Perth Expo is open to the general public and is being held at the Perth Convention Centre from 10am to 6pm. Entry is free.

Further information can be found on the DIMA website.

Wednesday 2nd November 2005

Opportunitues Australia Expo

Moneycorp the financial specialist in currency transactions research shows that 38 percent of those migrating from the UK are heading for Australia. They are following that Australian dream, the better climate, and the outdoor lifestyle.

If the Australian Dream is something that interests you then you will be interested to learn that the Opportunities Australia Expo is scheduled for 1-2 April 2006 (IBIS Hotel, Earls Court) . Now in its second year, the event is designed as a one-stop shop to send skilled British workers to Australia. You can process your visa here, open an Australian bank account, organise your move and even have a job interview.

The Expo has a huge focus on employment with scores of Australian companies, recruitment consultants and State Development Boards traveling from Australia specifically to offer jobs to skilled and professional people.

  • Do you want to move to Australia?

  • Are you looking for a job in Australia?

  • Then it's the place to be seen

Want more info then go to Opportunities Australia Expo and fill in a reminder form.

Good luck and hope to see you there. :-)

Wednesday 23 November 2005.

Perth has a cool start to Summer

Yep with an average of 22.6 instead of the usual 29.1 Perth has seen its coolest start to summer in 40 years.

And the cool weather is expected to last for at least a week, the weather bureau says.

What's happened other parts of Australia are enjoying the heat of summer while we still have not moved out of Spring?

The weather bureau tell us we will return to summer at some stage but the start to ot will be a little on the cool side.

11 December 2005

Same-sex partners on skilled migrant visa application.

The Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone announced today that SKILLED migrants would soon be able to sponsor same-sex partners to come to Australia.

Australian citizens and permanent residents can already sponsor same-sex partners but this provision had not been extended to skilled migrants. However, this will soon change

The Immigration Minister said....

"While same sex partners could enter Australia in their own right, often as visitors, the fact that couples were not treated together in the same application created some uncertainty for them and a potential loss for Australia of highly skilled migrants. Skilled migrants and students could list heterosexual partners on their visa application, but not same-sex partners. This change will remove this anomaly."

The changes are to initially apply to temporary skilled migrants from July 1 and later to other categories of skilled migrants and students.

[source Daily Telegraph]


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