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Winter is on the way

Oh well looks like we have seen the end of the summer. It's still warm (about 25 deg) enough to sit outside (had BBQ with family on ANZAC day) but we are starting to see the rain now. Today was the wettest day of the year. Mind you it did not start to rain until tea time but then we had one big storm and it rained heavy all through the night.

Sunday 1 May 2005

Mothers Day

Looks like I got it wrong last weekend. OK so we had a couple of miserable days at the beginning of the week but the sun has started to shine again. Today it has been especially hot. It has made it a great day for a family picnic on Mothers Day, yep the date is different to that in the UK but its celebrated in the same manner. One special treat for Mums was free entry into Perth Zoo. Gareth and I? well we went for a walk round Hillarys and stopped to enjoy an ice cream.

Sunday 7 May 2005

Proposed Tax Cuts Announced

Tax cuts announced today which will happen in July 2005 then July 2006. It is the higher earners who will benefit the most as the earning limit before hitting the higher tax bracket of 47% is increased from $70,000 to $95,000 in 2005 and to $125,000 in 2006. Other benefits include a reduction from 17% to 15% for earnings under $21,600... for more details pelase visit Tax File Number in Australia Tuesday 10 May 2005

Burst water main South Street, Perth

Well it was certainly Friday 13th today in Perth as a burst pipe spilled out 12,000 kilolitres of water causing the freeway to flood bringing traffic in Perth to a standstill and in gridlock for 8. We traveled North without any problem but for those going South the story was not the same. The freeway was closed pushing all the traffic onto alternative routes, which with a river to cross was not all that easy. The culprits, the Water Corporation issued an apology to everybody who was inconvenienced by the massive disruption to traffic. Continued disruption is expected throughout the week as repairs are carried out.

Friday 13th May 2005

Termite Inspection

Six months later than it should have been we have our first termite inspection at Montclair since we moved in. I am glad we made sure we had one as Mal from Torpedo Pest Control found some termites eating away an old tree stump in the back garden. Termites are not a problem back in the UK as it is not warm enough but in Australia regular checks (at least every 12 months) is recommended. Mel has treated our termites and he will be back in a couple of weeks to check they have gone. To save us leaving it so long next time he will be giving us a friendly reminder call in 12 months.

Saturday 14th May

Wild, Wild, West

Friday 13th has carried into Monday this weekend as the worst storm for 10 years hit Perth in the early hours of Monday Morning.

Monday 16th May

Breast cancer scare leaves Kylie postpones Australian tour

Australian fans were dissapointed today to learn that Kylie has postponed the Australian Leg of her tour. Emails of support came flooding in to the pop diva from around the country as information of the breast cancer scare is released.

Tuesday 17th May

Schapelle Corby sentenced to 20 years in Bali today

am sure this is a case that has been followed globally and not just here in Australia. Personally I believe that Schapelle Corby is innocent and although shocked was not surprised she was sentenced. I find it hard to understand how Schapelle gets a life sentence (with the prosecution saying it is too lenient) when Abu Bakar Bashir only received 30 months for conspiracy with the Bali bombers, ahead of the 2002 attack which killed 202 people. Where is the justice? I guess what it has done is made me think a little more about the safety of my airline baggage the next time I go traveling. It is so easy to have your bag tampered with, leaving you in a similar situation to Schapelle. In future whenever I travel and my bags will be out of my site I will be making sure I make them tamper proof. This may involve wrapping by bags in protectabag if it is avalable (its where for a small fee at the airport you can have your bag wrapped in strong plas stic wrap) or using Tamper Tell Luggage Tags or even stitching the zips down with colour thread anything to give me an indication if anyone has been in my bag. If it looks like the bag has been tampered with then I will get a customs officer to open the bag for me before I go anywhere. Some may think I am being unfair on baggage handlers; lets face it they have been security cleared and are good honest guys. Trouble is it only takes one bad egg and I would hate to be unlucky enough to be in Schapelle Corby’s shoes.

Friday 27th May

The forecast is a mild Perth winter

Yep great news for all you that are migrating over to Perth over the winter months (thats June-Aug). I heard on the news today that we will be having mild winter weather. So if your emigrating from the UK its gona be warm :-). The average lowest temperature will be 8ºC and the average highest temperature will ne 18ºC.

Wednesday 1 June 2005

False Killer Whales Beached at Busselton

All but one of the 100 False Killer Whales beached at Busselton 230km south of Perth, earlier today where saved. 1500 volunteers many clad in wet suits responded to an urgent call for assistance from the Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) about 8am (WST).

Friday 3 June 2005

Another Sunny Sunday

Sorry to be talking once more about the weather but it is one of the reasons we made the move over here. We are now into the Winter months but yet we still get to spend a glorious Sunday morning surfing down at the beach.

Sunday 5 June 2005

Foundation Day

It's a Public Holiday today so another long weekend. Yippee. :-) :-)

Foundation Day is a public holiday in Western Australia to celebrate a significant date in history when on 1 June 1829 the State's first European settlers, completed their long sea voyage to the Swan River Colony aboard the Parmelia.

Foundation Day commemorates the foundation of the Swan River Colony, and the development of Western Australia as the free, prosperous, democratic State we all share and enjoy today.

Monday 6 June 2005

Feeding the parrots in Neil Hawkins Park

Its amazing just what is on your doorstep and you just dont realize! Our neighbours have often talked about going to feed the birds up at a park in Joondlaup only we just have never got round to going to check it out.

Well lucky for us the Girls called by today to see if we wanted to go feed the birds. Gareth loves this kind of thing and has been meaning to go check out the birds for some time now so we did just that.

The weather had cleared so it made for a lovely break in our afternoon of (I was painintg the family room) and the expepience was just as fabulous as we were expecting. You can see from Gareths face in the picture of him with some of the parrots in the picture below :-)

The best time to go is late afternoon 3.30 - 4pm as this is the time when the parrots decend into the park. It was fantastic.

Feeding the Kangaroos
parrot picture

Saturday 11th June 2005

Coldest June day since 1966

Its offical we have just had the coldest June Day since 1966. The time has come to start lighting the wood burner and digging out the jumpers.

Sunday 17th June