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I discovered Google Earth today, it's BRILL

If you want to check out what the Suburbs look like in Perth, in Western Australia, Australia, or any other part of the world now you can. Google have recently introduced Google Earth You can download it for free and Dive right in to the world's geographic information at your fingertips.

I think it is fantastic, its not good enough to look into the front windows but I can see the roof of our house in Woodvale and the pool in the garden next door.

Try it for yourself and zoom in on the map to some of the Perth Suburbs.

Monday 5th July

Lands End - John O'Groats by Tandem

OK, OK, I know your thinking where is the connnection with Perth? Yes your right it is a bit off topic and there is no connection other than the fact that I live here in Perth and one of my good friends Howard is doing the charity ride back in the UK.

Howard is doing the 1,000 mile trip on a tandem in just over 7 days (not sure if he is on the front or back). Just wish I could be back in the UK to see him walking to work at the end of the trip :-)

Anyway I though it was such a grand effort to raise money for a worthy course that I wanted to tell as many people as I could how proud I am of him. Howard your a STAR.

If you would like to learn more about the Lands End - John O'Groats by Tandem ride then please visit

Thursday 14 July 2005

Howard Thompson and Simon Oulton with the trusted tandem they will be using for the 1,000 mile trip from Lands End - John O'Groats later this month.

Skilled Migrants Fill WA Jobs

With an international reputation for being the land of opportunity, the national figure for skilled migrants moving to Australia peaked with 77,880 moving to Australia in 2004-2005. This is the biggest influx since the 1980's. Out of those 13,601 foreign workerd have made their home in WA.

The Government is continuing its focus on Skilled Migration. Figures released show the following increase on the previous year:-

294% national increase in the number of doctors,

a 40% jump in Nurses, 58% rise in Accountants; and

a 71% rise in skilled agricultural workers. Us Brits continue to make up the biggest contingent of skilled migrants with 5675 of us moving to WA in the past year.

This was followed by 1014 from Singapore, 920 from Malaysia, 887 from South Africa, 487 from China, and 432 from India.

Thursday 28 July 2005

The Worlds Greatest White Water Event - Avon Descent

Held each year in August The Avon Descent is a 2 day, 134km race from Northam (100 Km Eats of Perth) to the Riverside Gardens, Bayswater, Perth.

The Avon Descent was first held in 1973. Back then only 49 competitors tackled this unique sporting event taking on the combination of the challenging white water rapids and the long flatch stretches of flat water.

Today the Avon Descent will see over 800 competitors racing in either a paddle or power boat craft.

6 August 2005

courtesy of Aussies in Action official Photographers for the Avon Descent

Australia Population is 20 million and growing

Population of Australia is forecast as 20,385,208.; This projection is based on the estimated resident population at 31 December 2004 and assumes growth since then of:

one birth every 2 minutes and 4 seconds,

one death every 3 minutes and 53 seconds,

a net gain of one international migrant every 4 minutes and 10 seconds leading to an overall total population increase of one person every 2 minutes and 9 seconds. This information has been taken from Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Saturday 20 August 2005

Some Great News for Migrants

The Australian government are to commence a A$3 million migration drive in Europe and Asia. The plan is to attract an additional 20,000 skilled workers to save key industries from labour shortages.

The move comes after John Howard announced earlier this year that the 2005-06 skilled migration quotas would be increased by 20,000 to tackle the country’s skill shortfall – the biggest increase since the 1970s.

The Immigration Department are to advertise in overseas newspapers from next month, inviting prospective skilled migrants to meet with employers and state and government representatives.

Expos are to be held in London, Berlin, Chennai and Amsterdam during September and October. The skills at the top of the agenda include trades-people, engineers and doctors in addition various industry groups asked to nominate the occupations they consider most in demand. The skills road show will offer migration options under recently relaxed regulations.

There is a skills shortage in Australia and in a bid to these the Australia's lifestyle and culture to workers is being touted to attract the migrants that have the skills to fill the gaps. With further expos being considered by the government for next year Seoul, Bangkok, Los Angeles and Manila.

It’s the “ten pound pom” drive for skilled migrants of the 1950’s all over again when more than one million Britons emigrated to Australia after 1945, under various assisted migration schemes.

Thursday 24th August 2005

City to Surf

Today I ran in Perth, Western Australia’s City to Surf run. With the first run held in 1975 (with 500 participants) The Activ Foundation City to Surf run is the largest community sporting event. The City to Surf 30th Anniversary in 2005 saw nearly 24,000 participants register to compete. Races include the 12km, 4Km and an 11Km for the wheelchairs with all the funds raised going to the Actic Foundation.

The 12Km City to Surf run commences on St George's Terrace in the City while the 4Km course commences from Perry Lakes Reserve. Both courses finish at the City Beach Oval.

Many local companies pay the entrance fee for their employees and families which are noticeable by the many company t-shirts you see people wearing as they run the course (you will see many people in fancy dress too).

Once at the City Beach Oval company marques are pitched and the BBQ’s on the go cooking breakfast to feed the hungry participants.

Priszes are awarded for several categories with the top prize for first place being $2,000. All those who enter also get their name put into a draw to win $25,000 to put towards a car of their choice.

Sunday 28 August 2005


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