On line education is great, it does not matter where you are around the globe you can get involved.

Of course if you are of school age in Australia then is is compulsory for you to attend school if you are aged between 6 and 15 years.

Education does not stop when you leave school, although if you are working in full time employment it may be more difficult to find the time.

I have found that online education is the way to go, I buy DVD's to play in my car and even download audio books too. When I was in the UK I used to travel by train and tube into the office and would use the travel time to read. Now I am in Perth I normally have to drive everywhere (I did used to take the train when i worked in the City).

If you would like to take advantage of your driving time like I do then why not try a few resources that I have found to be really useful.

Brian Tracy is my favorite on line teacher of the moment. With the challenge of being a mortgage planner and building this website I am often on the lookout for ways to better orgainse my time. Brian has many audio books to choose from covering areas such as:-

  • Goal Setting,
  • Time Management,
  • Personal Success,
  • Sales Success, Financial Success,
  • Management Success,
Brian Tracy has recently started to promote Site Build It, which impressed me so if you have a passion you can exploit and want to get a successful business on line get educated on line too.

Of course I do not want to restrict myself to listening to just the one author so I have been busy searching the internet looking for alternative options.

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