Are you an Electrician?
Do you want to Migrate to Perth?
Paul and family share their experience with you. He migrated to Perth as an electrician


Paul and Donna migrated to Perth so that their children 5 and 9 could have a better life. The UK was getting crowded and lacked the sun of WA. They moved to Perth to give the children the opportunity to experience the outdoor life Perth has to offer.

Paul was a qualified electrician in the UK they migrated to Perth on the Skilled Independent Visa. They put the visa application in on month and year and brief time line and a little bit about the assessment trade assessment


Finding work for Paul (as an electrician) was not difficult. There is plenty of work available BUT you have to be prepared to be a Trades Assistant (TA)when you first migrate to Perth.

Paul works as a lecturer at the College of Electrical Training in Balcatta, he teaches apprentices of all ages (including others who have migrated to Perth) and helps prepare them to sit the exams.

Paul is looking at starting his own business in the early part of 2007. Paul will continue to lecture at the College part time and also offer assistance to others looking at migrating to Perth .

Donna who worked as a ?????? before they migrated to Perth now enjoys life as a stay at home mum.

Donna will soon be working again, once Paul has started his own business she will managing things in the office. A lot of time can be wasted on the phone and with administration so she will be a valuable asset to the business.


Donna and Paul chose not to use a migrant agent when they migrated to Perth.

They applied for their Australia Visa the DIY way. Paul sat and filled in the painful forms.!! Little bit more info on the process you went through with forms, trade assessment etc…


Donna told me that when the big brown envelope arrived from Australia on their doormat on a cold February morning she was so nervous to open it. Then she thought well it's a heavy parcel just to say no! After reading the letter 5 times it then sunk in they had been accepted!!

Thrilled Donna rang Paul who was on the golf course at the time. Of course he was over the moon too. Then came telling the kids they would migrate to Perth later in the year.

Her youngest daughter said yeah I cant wait to get a cat!!! (something she had been promised) her son at the age of 7 at this time was a bit teary thinking purely of leaving his Nannies and Grandads, but after sitting down and explaining that they would come over to stay with us for a long time and what fun it would be he soon felt at ease.

Everything was suddenly very real. They would be migrating to Perth. Oh what an adventure they have ahead of them!

Well that was it, the Australian flag she had been saving to put up at the front window once the good news arrived went up. The flag was the sign she had agreed to give the neighbours, when the migrate to Perth celebrations were to begin. Well almost, Donnas Mum chose that day to visit unexpectedly and wanted to know what the flag was for.

Donnas and Pauls parents understandably found the whole migrate to Perth thing a little difficult. In the early stages Donnas parents refused to discuss anything about the potential migration, almost as if they refused to accept what was happening. Paul's parents on the other hand where happy for them, perhaps secretly hoping it would not happen. The parents swapped rolls once the news was received, it was an emotional time for everyone. All is well with all parents now; they hired a chauffeur driven people carrier to take Paul, Donna and the Children to the airport at the beginning of their migrate to Perth journey.


Choosing to sell up everything and make a clean move to Perth Donna and Paul sold their house in June 2005 and moved in with Donnas Mum and Dad for 8 weeks!!

I can't remember the name of the removal company (it feels so long ago) we used but they were fantastic! It took the removal company a day to pack up the house they were very quick!!

A few tips to remember before the packers arrive:

  • Don't take candles or batteries when you migrate to Perth as they will melt on board
  • Take all pines off the xmas tree and any twigs or ornaments containing them. Quarantine are very strict and it cost us $50 to have them fumigated.
  • Bubble wrap all picture frames and take out glass and bubble wrap too, a few of ours got broken in transit during our move to Perth.


Before they migrated to Perth Donna already had a friend who lived in Tapping and it was an area they liked.

Initially they stayed ??? before buying a lovely home in Carramar. Like Tapping Carramar is close to Joondalup a satellite City to Perth. There home in Carramar is central to everything, the school, good shopping facilities, close to the freeway and public transport.

The children go to Carramar Primary School. It is a fantastic school, although a lot of children attend the school at the moment. It only opened 12 months ago and children form Tapping and Carramar attend. The school is already full to capacity, but a primary school in Tapping is due to open in February 2007 so that should reduce numbers as those in Tapping start to attend the new school.

We are currently saving for the children's senior school fees these are approximately $5,000 a year each. In Perth you go to senior school when you are 12. This has meant that my son went back 2 years due to the difference in education polices in WA, but as a result of that he gets additional classes for children who excel in particular subjects.


Donna loves the social side of things here in WA, there is so much for the family to do.

At Joondalup you have a roller skating arena, laser shooting, Olympic size arena with sporting/gym facilities, and Neil Hawkins park.

The Indian ocean is an 8 minutes drive from home and the Swan Valley is only a short drive.

Cycling is a big past time here for the whole family and there are bmx clubs, quad biking and scramblers

You can have surf lessons, join dancing clubs, play golf, the list is endless.

Then you have Perth City, Kings park, Cottesloe beach, and soo much more!


  • Pack coat hangers - something we didn't think about and ended up costing $80-100

  • Migrate to Perth if you can when it's the Australian summertime. This will help you settle in when your feeling homesick. There nothing like a beautiful sunny day and the Indian ocean to cheer you up when your missing everyone. Better than feeling down on a cloudy windy rainy day!!

  • When you migrate to Perth make sure all shoes, sporting equipment, garden equipment you are taking are thoroughly cleaned before shipping.

  • Furniture is quite cheap, for example Queen sized bed (Wooden), orthopedic mattress, 2 Bedside cabinets, Tallboy cost us $1100 - approx £400

  • Cars are about the same price as the UK

  • Check your rental thoroughly before you move in - my friends even filmed a video of the house. It saves discrepancies at the end, agents are very picky even if things were there before you moved in they will still charge you to rectify it e.g. windows not clean enough or shower screen with a water mark on!!

  • Remember you will still have to do the ironing, washing and cooking when you arrive in Perth so you'll need to buy the basics before your furniture etc arrives.

  • We wished wed had a holiday on the way over to Perth, maybe Dubai or Mauritius. When you have pounds it goes a long way!!
  • When you migrate to Perth be prepared for 3 hard, stressful months whilst you get everything in order.
  • You'll need tax file numbers to get a job, but to get this you need an address.

  • Remember its going to be really boring for the kids sitting in the car while you drive around looking for rentals/new house, furniture, cars etc, so pack stuff they can do in your suitcases.

  • People here are really friendly, at our school there are a lot of English people who have migrated to Perth, so we are all in the same boat, they will come over and say hi and ask if you need anything, this was a major help to us.

  • We haven't taken out private health insurance and after a major operation recently I was more than happy with the public health insurance.

  • My last tip for those who choose to migrate to Perth would be to stick with it. We love it hear and our kids have so many opportunities to explore this country. They can now swim, skate, surf, ride their bikes and have rosy colour cheeks after a full on day-something they couldn't do in England!!

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