Dayle shares his migration to Perth on an Interdependent Visa

Dayle Migrated over to Australia on a Spouse Visa in December 2005. As an English Partner to an Australian citizen (Jackie) Dayle had no intentions of a life in Perth until Christmas 2003 when he spent a holiday in Perth with Jackie and their two girls Ella and Kristy.

A bit of history.

Dayle met Jackie in Dayles local pub in England in 1988. Jackie was there visiting her Father and was drinking in Dayles local with her Father.

Yes you've guessed boy meets girl, they date,fall in love, get married, have children and live happily.

Jackie loved the lifestyle over in Perth.

She had initially migrated to Australia in 1971 (as a 10 pound POM) with her Mum, brother and sister when she was 6 years old. She told me that at the time she did not understand the big move, it was just a big adventure, she was going to live in the land Skippy came from (remember the TV show about SKIPPY the bush Kanagroo).

When she met Dayle in 1988 she was in the UK on a holiday with her brother and his wife. Jackie had planned to stay in the UK for 6 months before her return back to Perth. Meeting Dayle changed all that. They dated for a while and knew they wanted to spend the rest of their life together.

They married in 1994 and Jackie settled down to a life in England. Dayle was an only child who was close to his parents so leaving them behind and moving to a life in Perth was something which was never considered.

Jackie gave birth to two baby girls and life in England was sweet, even if they both had to have full time jobs to pay all the bills.

In January 2004 Jackie’s brother re-married and she came over to Perth with Dayle and the girls for the wedding and Christmas.

It was a trip that was to change the direction of their lives!!

The girls are growing up Ella is 10 and Kristy 7. They loved the holiday in Perth, trips to the beach, the park and playing in the pool with their cousins.

England was wet a majority of the time which used to limit the time they could play outside but Perth offered them the sun and plenty of outdoor activities.

It was the girls that made Jackie and Dayle consider the move over to Perth. That and Jackie missing her family and being a little concerned about the high school the girls would attend back in Leeds. In Perth they could afford to send the girls to private school.

The decision to move to Perth was as good as made but for one problem. Dayle is an only child and the only real family his parents have. Leaving them behind would be difficult and telling them even harder.

What he really wanted was for them to come with them but he realized it was a lot to expect. Anyway after much delay Dayle told his parents of their plans and was surprised to learn that they wanted to come too. With all the decisions made it was time to start the application process.

What Visa did you migrate on?

Dale migrated on a Spouse visa and the migration process was in 2-stages.

The first stage was to meet certain requirements before, a temporary Spouse visa. (as a partner you do not have an automatic right of permanent residence in Australia. You first need to be assessed) could be issued.

The second stage was an assessment after which, a permanent visa was granted. As part of the process Dayle's relationship with Jackie was assessed to make sure it met certain criteria. (The girls had been registered Australian Citizens at birth so they did not need to be assessed they already had Australian Passports)

Some of things they included in the application were:-

  • A 7/11 form to be completed by an Australian Citizen confirming between Dayle and Jackie to be true or a statutory declaration by UK friends relatives for the same;

  • Photos taken over the years before wedding, wedding etc…..;

  • Bills which demonstrated shared living over a period of time;

  • Statement on how they met and how the relationship developed;

  • Statement of how household runs ie: Who does what;

  • Birth certificates for all of them;

  • Australian certificates for Jackie and the girls

  • 4 passport photos each (certified on the back)

  • Marriage certificate (all certified copies)

  • Dayle had to have police check and medical

  • Joint legal commitments such as mortgage, car, sofa

Did you use a migrant agent?

They chose to manage the migration process themselves rather than use a migrant agent. Unlike some of the Australian Visas theirs was not complex or a complicated process. There should be no reason why Dayle would not have been accepted. They spent a lot of time on the internet checking out websites and reading information in the forums where they found lots of useful information before they submitted their application.

What was the family reaction to the migration news?

Nearly all of Jackie’s immediate family already lived over in Perth and they where thrilled at the news. Only her Father lived in the UK and he was happy with the lifestyle decision she had made. Jackie had grew up in Perth so it was only natural for her to return, he could always visit. Dayles parents did not want to loose their son and grandchildren and made the decision to move over to Perth on a retirement visa. Everyone was happy.

Did you sell up everything and move or are you still renting your place out back in the UK?

As they had no intentions of moving back to the UK and because they wanted to use the capital in their UK home to buy a property in Australia and be mortgage free they sold their UK home.

What removal company did you use?

Well we got a few quotes and decided on PSS International a Specialist Overseas Removal Company who have been in business for the last 20 years. We used the York branch but they service all the UK. PSS was the best quote and the most helpful. They sent an estimator out to our home to provide an initial FREE quotation and answer any questions or concerns we may have. The service has been excellent.

What made you select to live where you did?

Jackie wanted to live close to her family in Perth so they to focus their effort on finding a place in Maragaroo to buy their Australian home. In fact you could spot them most days driving round the suburb looking for new home for sale boards. They where determined to find the perfect home in Marangaroo.

They got lucky after just two weeks of looking and spotted a new for sale board just as soon as it went up. They immediately contacted the real estate agent for further details and where told it needed to be cleaned and it would be a little while before they could view the place. Not happy with this they said the mess and did not worry them and could they see the layout? After a little pressure the real estate agent gave them a viewing of the property and it was just perfect. OK it needed a scrub down and redecorating but then you often did that when you moved house.

Because the real estate agent selling the property was only a small agency so the house had never been advertised on any of the major property sale websites. Jackie and Dayle had found the place at just the right time they put an offer in and it was accepted. They where thrilled and could not wait until the property settled so they could clean the place and decorate before they moved in. The Girls would be starting school at t he beginning of Feb and they wanted to be in by then. The location is just great with view over the Bush and a short walk to her brothers.

What about work?

With a move to Perth so close to Christmas they waited until the Girls settled into their new school before they looked for work. Dayle was offered a position almost as soon as he started looking. He picked up the West Australian on a Wednesday to check out the job section. Called up to enquire about a position as a paint sprayer (his trade. Dayle had an interview the next day and started work the following Monday. Salary (and I have found this a reasonable guide) is double his UK salary but in AU$ not GBP).

The lifestyle choice the move has given us is just great Jackie told me. I never dreamed we would be in a position to be mortgage free so early in life and now we are. As long as Dayle is earning an income I don’t really need to work it means I can be there for the girls. I will be looking for part time work that will fit round the school hours.

How have you found settling in WA?

Getting settled over here has not been difficult, it was made easier by having family over here and already knowing what Perth was like and where we wanted to live. Also as my family already lives here they met us at the airport and put a roof over our heads until we found our feet. I guess the first few weeks here when you don’t know anyone can be the most difficult. Lucky for us we did not have that problem.

Anyway the move was for the benefit of the Girls, who are enjoying their new school and they have joined a local dance school.

Tips for new migrants?

Jackie told me she was lucky, she grew up in Perth and has family in Perth. She said before you decide to migrate to Australia be sure to take a holiday first. Be sure you find out it’s a climate and life you will enjoy. It’s a long way and an expensive if you make the move then go back home because it was not what you expected.

A tip from Dayle was to have a positive attitude and be realistic, it wont necessarily be an easy ride. You need to give it a chance. REMEMBER Perth is not England it will be different and you will need to make new friends.

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