Emigrate Australia from UK
Darryl and Wendy Jumped the Pond in April 2002

Darryl and Wendy have been living in Perth since April 2002 They migrated over on the 457 Temporary Business Owner (provisional) Visa, a 4 year temporary visa. On 1 March 2003, changes to the Business Skills category saw the 457 visa replaced. As a result there have been some changes to Visa requirements since they arrived. They used a migrant agent to obtain to get there temporary visa who charged them around £8,000. The migration process took them 12 months. In hindsight Darryl said they would have engaged a migrant agent when they came on a holiday to Perth to make sure they were making the best decision.

They migrated over to Perth with Darryl’s Parents, 2 brothers and their families. As part of the Visa they where required to start invest into a business and employ 3 people for 2 years. After satisfactory evidence of a specified level of business or investment activity they would be eligible to apply for permanent residence. They would be assessed on the business and would need to meet a turnover target.

When they arrived they did not know what business they wanted to start so they looked at a few alternatives, including a franchise. Franchises are popular choice made by people arriving into Perth, Australia on a temporary business visa. You need to be careful if this is the route you choose to go down as there are a few sharks out there so do a bit of research if you intend to use a business agent. In the end they opened car yard, Silverstone Motor Co, this was following a conversation with the guy they bought their first car from. Darryl and his middle brother (his elder brother and family decided against the aussie life and moved back to the UK. It’s not for all of us and teenagers sometimes find the move difficult) has been successfully running the business since October 2002.

Darryl and Wendy started aussie life in Perth in a rented house in Padbury. It was a bit dingy but they allowed pets and it was cheap, which suited them while they found there feet and found a place to buy of their own.

After 6 months in Perth they found a lovely place in Woodvale to buy. The chose Woodvale to be close to Darryl parents who had already bought a place in Woodvale. Wendy told me that they could not have picked a better place they live in a quiet road opposite a park. Woodvale has everything you need to you don’t need to go far for everything and they have good schools too which is important when you have children. Like most migrants they choose to migrate for the lifestyle we have over here in Perth. Wendy was 5 months pregnant when they arrived so an outdoor family lifestyle was important. If they had stayed back in the UK then Wendy would have needed to work rather than being a full time Mum which she enjoys and feels is important.

Their first child was a little girl Harriet who is almost 3 and their second little one Archie was born on New Years Day (12 mins past midnight and the first baby to be born on the Perth Northern Suburbs in 2005). He was born a little early and we had not got round to organizing ambulance cover so we started the new year with a $499 ambulance bill.

Childcare is one area that being a temporary resident puts you at a disadvantage Wendy told me. The UK will give you no assistance once you have been out of the Country for 3 months and unless you are a permanent resident you get no assistance in Perth. You get a reasonable amount of assistance during pregnancy and you do get some assistance afterwards but only for necessary emergency treatment. (Provisional Business Visa holders are generally not entitled to access Australia’s national health insurance scheme – Medicare) You get no childcare benefit or Family Credit. If you go back to the UK you suffer to, on a recent trip back to the UK Wendy was charged £50 to take her little girl to see the Dr

In fact there is a lot of things you need to be aware of being a temporary resident. You will get taxed on any savings you have. Once you become a permanent resident you can claim it back but your better to invest your money off shore than bring it into Australia.

Darryl and his family have been in Perth for over three years and now going through the process of applying for permanent residency. Applying for permanent residency is another minefield and with so many forms to complete. I have a whole file Darryl told me, I have worked my was through and completed and answered everything. All I am trying top do now is find a migrant agent who will check it over for me and confirm I have everything right. Darryl and Wendy love the life they have in Perth with their two children and especially enjoy the summer months when they get to enjoy inviting friends round for BBQ, splashing in the pool and spending time enjoying time out on the Ocean on their boat.

Another bonus with their move to Perth has been that family have visited every year. With Wendy being a full time Mum this has meant that she has had the opportunity to spend quality time with her family, a luxury she did not get when back in the UK. People often find that leaving family is the hardest part when you leave the UK but you may find like Wendy, if your family do not live close by anyway the move may actually bring you closer together. I asked Darryl and Wendy if they would have done anything different when they migrated over here and they passed on the following information.

Three pieces of advice:-

  1. Make sure to make a list of everything you ship over and try to be as detailed as you can. Most people have no problems when shipping over to Perth but unfortunately an occasional migrant will be unlucky. When that happens it helps to have as much detail available as possible.

  2. When you visit Perth to make sure you love it here and it is the best decision for you get in touch with a migrant agent based in in Perth. It will probably cost less than using an agent back in the UK.

  3. Start to watch the exchange rate and learn how to forward buy currency. The exchange rate can fluctuate and is pays to be ahead of the game if the Aussie $ is strong


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