Dans Migration to Perth was in 2003. Before permanently migrating he spent a few years in Australia first on an Australian Working Holiday Visa and then studying on a Student Visa for 12 months. It was towards the end of his studies that Dan made the decision he wanted to make the migration to Australia as a permanent resident.

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Following graduation in the UK Dan took some time out to visit Australia in 2001. He came here on a working holiday which covered Asia & Australasia. He arrived in Australia on an Australian Working Visa and but for a few short trips back home to the UK he hasn’t left Australian shores since.

Dan is pleased he made the migration to Perth. He loves his life in Perth but admits that missing your family is probably one of the hardest parts of living so far away from home. He has recently returned from spending Christmas 2004 and the New Year with his family in the South West of the UK.

Christmas is the hardest time to be away from home he said it’s the time of the year that people tend to spend with family and without family out here in Australia it can sometimes feel a little lonely.

He has been lucky, he spent last Christmas in the UK and the Christmas before his Brother was over in Perth having followed Dan over for a while on a Working Visa. His Sister will be his next visitor who will be out for six months later this year.

So I guess your wondering what’s kept him over here for so long and how was he able to turn a Working Holiday Visa into a permanent migration to Perth?

It was not a difficult process Dan told me. I already had a degree when I arrived in Australia and because I enjoyed my working holiday I decided I would like to spend a little more time living and studying in Australia.

I researched into the options available for studying in Australia. I found Studying Australia (good for Europeans with English as a second language).

I ended up choosing Perth and Western Australia as the location to complete my studies. Perth was the cheaper state to live. Well that was part of it but I also loved the lifestyle that Perth offers, it is just chilled out and laid back with the beach real close, which was good for surfing. Anyway I found the course I wanted to study and put in an application. It was the Graduate Diploma of Information Technology. Before I could commence on the Diploma I first needed to be granted a student Visa.

It was not difficult to get the Visa just a case of filling in a few forms and proving I was capable of supporting myself for the duration of the course. Once they were satisfied I could do that and I had taken out private medical insurance they provided me with the Visa I needed to study here in Perth.

The course was to run for twelve month and because I was not a permanent resident of Australia I had to pay international fees (which were slightly higher) but that was no worries so I got stuck into my studies. My student time in Perth was just great; I shared a house in Cottelsoe with some other students and enjoyed living the student life. 12 months soon went though and before long I found myself getting towards the end of my course and time in Australia.

Although I missed home I like the new life I had and was not ready to go home so I put in an application for permanent residency status taking out a bridging visa initially issued for 6 months and extended as necessary to cover my stay in Australia while my migration to Perth and permanent resident application were being processed.

Because I had been living and studying in Perth, Western Australia the Visa I applied for was the Skilled Independent Overseas Student Onshore Visa.

sidebar: Visa types have changed since Dan made his migration to Perth so to see what current visa types are available check out the information on the DIMIA page "Student Visa Subclasses and Assessment Levels"

Of course I still needed to meet all the basic requirements of a skilled migrant application before I could make my migration to Perth but because I had been studying in Australia for 12 months (since 1 July 2003 the study period has been lifted to two years) and made my application after my study had completed rather than have the relevant work experience I had my skills assessed by the relevant official authority, which in my case was the Australian Computer Society I had to send all my certificates of to them so that they could asses them and give me a code based on my qualification. My job points are assessed ion this and it is entered onto the Visa Application Form.

The process was really easy for me so armed with the code provided by the assessing authority I completed my own application forms for the Skilled Independent Overseas Student Visa. Of course I was still required to pass the necessary medicals and provide police checks from both the UK and Australia.

All in all it probably took them about 12 months to process my application for permanent residency. During this time I worked where I could working in a kind of IT sales role for a while and also popped back to the UK for a month to see the family.

Its been well over a year now since I obtained my Permanent Resident Visa. I am working in an IT position at Kinetic IT and have just bought a place of my own. A unit in Scarborough.

I am loving life over here at the moment and outside of work spend a lot of my time with my new found passion Kite-surfing. A few of the guys from the office have taken the sport up too so it’s a fun way to spend evenings and weekends. Work have a 5 aside football team which I play in too and that’s good fun.

What are my plans for the future? Well I guess at the moment I don’t really know I am just enjoying each day as it comes. I will be putting an application for citizenship later in the year when I become eligible. I will probably re-assess my positions again then. I do love it here and glad I made the migration to Perth but would like to spend a little more time with my family back in the UK.

I may go back to the UK for a while to see how it goes. But with the comfort of having my Australian Citizenship I know that it will easy for me to come back to Perth if that’s what I want to do.

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