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movingA Cheap international flight to Australia is hard to come by no matter where you are traveling from.

Perth, Western Australia is the remotest City in the world, which means the best way to get to Perth from an international location (or from the other Australian States or Territories) is to fly (but not the only way).

Once you have booked your Perth flight to Australia, you get to look forward to a long time spent in the air. Even if you are flying to Perth from one of the other Australian state or territories you still have a flight of over 3 hours or more.

With such a long time spent on your flight to Australia you want to be sure you can travel in as much comfort as possible.

In fact a few of my visitors arriving from the UK have chosen to upgrade their flight to Australia and fly Business Class.

Flying on a business class flight to Australia is not cheap but certainly a way I would love to be able to afford to travel one day. Also by flying Business Class you get a higher baggage allowance.



The amount you pay for your flight to Australia will depend on a few factors:-

  • Where you are flying to Perth from,
  • The time of year you fly to Australia
  • If you are travelling economy, business or first class
  • How flexible you are on day and time of the flight

When you are booking your flight to Australia you could book directly with a travel agent or you could choose to book on line.

I must admit whenever we have flew between the UK and Australia we have always booked our flight to Australia via The Flight Centre. We have found both The Flight Centre in the UK and the Flight Centre in Australia have provied an excellent service.

I even contacted the Flight Centre in the UK with details of my best friends trip the last time she came over here to visit. I gave the girl at the Flight Centre in the UK my friends contact details and they called her to secure the booking. It was too easy :-)

So if you are looking to book a flight from Perth? Need a cheap flight? Search Compare and Book all major Australian Airlines in the one place. Save money and time visit flightcentre.com.au now!



Because of the distance you have to travel when you fly to Perth and Australia the chances are you will need to touch down at an international airport on your flight to Perth.

This can be a great opportunity to have a stopover, take a travel break for a night or two.



If you do choose to have a stop-over when you fly to Perth, your stop-over city will be limited to the stop-overs available from the airline you travel with. (One reason we always travel Malaysian Airlines is so we can stop over in Kaula Lumper)

Of course you could customise your flight and do a diversion to another location but to do this would cost more

Perth, Western Australia is served by many international airline carriers, many of which fly non-stop to Perth from destinations such as

  • Singapore, (Singapore Air , British Airways & Quantas)
  • Dubai, (Emirates)
  • Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysian Airlines)
  • Bangkok (Thai Air)
  • Tokyo (Japan Airlines)
  • Johannesburg (South African Airlines)
  • Hong Kong (Quantas & Cathay Pacific)



Perth has excellent access from key destinations in the UK and Europe. so if you are flying to Australia from the UK or Europe you can choose to fly with several carriers including QANTAS, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Emirates operating one-stop flights on a daily basis.

Malaysian Airlines flies to Perth via Kuala Lumper from the following European Cities London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome and Stockholm.

Emirates flies to Perth via Dubai where you will pick up a connecting flight to Perth.

Emirates is a popular airline to fly with if you want to fly out of Brimingham, Newcastle or Glasgow airports in the UK. Of course you can also fly Emirates out of London Heathrow and London Gatwick.

Emirates flies to Perth via Dubai from the following major European airports Paris, Zurich, Nice, Venice, Malta via Larnaca, Athens, Istanbul, Rome, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Vienna & Milan.

Flying from Dubai to Perth is 9035km and takes around 11 hours. The leg from Europe to Dubai is about 7 hours.

Cathy Pacific flies to Perth, Australia via Hong Kong

South African Airlinesflies to Perth, Australia via Johannesburg



There are multiple daily non-stop flights to Perth from other Australia capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane and daily connections to many other domestic ports.



Because a flight to Australia does not come cheap it pays to shop around. The lowest fares available are not always from the same source and prices can vary depending on the day of the week, time of the year etc….

If you require that your pet in accommodated at an Australian animal quarantine station you should apply for an import permit at least 5 monthsin advance of anticipated departure.

so, if you want to save yourself a few hundred dollars when you book your cheap flight Perth Australia, be patient and spend a little time shopping around.

  • Be flexible with your schedule Just by traveling to Perth with a different airline and having more than one stop along the way could make a difference to the price of the ticket.


  • Travel Off Peak Do you have to travel at a particular time of year? Travel during the Christmas/New Year period is very expensive. The Australian Summer is the main tourist season and flights will have a tendency to be more expensive if you travel between September and February.


  • Avoid travel during school holidays During school holidays in Perth (or any pace else for that matter, normally means expensive travel and accommodation). If at all possible avoid making your trip to Perth, Australia during school holidays.


  • Book Off Peak If you are looking for the cheapest airfare, period then your best bet will probably be booking a flight over to Perth Australia between March and August. This is the Off Peak season and you may find flights for less than half the cost of a Peak Season flight.


  • Decide on a range of dates By selecting a range of dates you can travel on, rather than just a particular date, and then looking at the options of dates and times within your range you could pick up an especially cheap flight Perth Australia. For example there could be a difference of 10% in the cost of the airfare between you traveling on a week day or a weekend. For a family of four paying GBP 800 a ticket this would be a saving of GBP 320


  • Book well in advance, it is very unusual to find a last minute deal when booking a flight to Australia.


Of course the above is just a general guide; you may get lucky and find a special deal during the summer months or even last minute BUT don't rely on that happening.

If you want your move to a new country to be as stress free as possible then plan well in advance.




Which airline lets you take the most baggage with you on your trip?

This is a tricky question to answer as sometimes it can just be the luck on the day that allows you to sneek an extra 5-10Kg on to the flight.

The easy way to be able to carry an additional baggaage allowance is to travel Business or First Class. As a general rule of thumb (unless you are flying from the USA) you are generally allowed the following baggage allowance.



I have never been to concerned about the loyalty programmes provided by airlines until I did a little more research on the benefits of being a member when you book a flight to Australia.

Most loyalty programmes have 3 - 4 tiers with the major benefits available once you get into the second tier. Long distance flight will allow you to collect more points plus once you get passed the firts tier you generally get morepoints for each mile you fly.

If you are going to be emmigrating it is worth looking at some of the loyalty programmes and the additional privileges you get with them. Here is an example of some of the privaleges you can get with Loyalty Programmes once you reach the second tier, I am sure you will agree they are great benefits to have when you book your flight to Australia:

  • Priority check-in
  • Extra Airmiles Miles for each mile you fly
  • Guaranteed excess baggage allowance
  • Business Class lounge access

You climb the tiers by collecting airmiles, which can be collected by flying or by using the services of partners to the various loyalty programs.

Terms & conditions will vary across the loyalty programmes so check them out. Can you carry your points from one year to the next for example. Some programmes will allow this but you need to meet certain criteria

Emirates loyalty programme is Skywards rewards

(or if you are between 2-16 years you Skysurfers).

Cathay Pacific loyalty programme is the Maro Polo Club



Thai Airways
Cathay Pacific
Malaysia Airlines
Singapore Air
South African Airlines
Air Mauritius
British Airways
Brunei Air
Air India
Virgin Atlantic



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