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Phil Down Under Needs You
September 16, 2010
Channel 4 needs your help


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Life in Perth

Are you a New Migrant?

Are you from the UK?

Are you looking to buy a house in Perth during November 2010?

You Are!
Channel 4 could be Looking for you

Property guru Phil Spencer from C4's 'Location Location Location' will be back in Australia at the end of 2010.

He is taking his property finding and negotiating skills along with a large dose of English charm, down under.

He's heading to the other side of the world to help emigrating Brits find their perfect home in Australia.

Channel 4 would especially like to hear from new migrants from the UK who have been in Australia less than a year and will be looking to buy a home in Perth during November.

If your not looking to buy a house in Perth but know a British couple that are please forward this newsletter on :-)

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Most new migrants are under the impression they will not be able to buy their own home until they have been living and working in Australia for some time.

This is not always the case, it will vary from person to person depending on your circumstances.

If you have a good deposit (at least 20% of the purchase price) and have started to work in the same occupation you worked in before you moved over to Australia then you could be able to apply for a home loan almost immediately.

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Thats all folks for this edition of Life in Perth.

I look forward to you joining me next time for more life in Perth when I will be telling you more exciting stuff about Life in Perth. :- Take care until then. S&G :-) xxxx

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