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Life in Perth, May 2008
March 31, 2008


Life in Perth News brings you the latest news on Immigrating to Australia and Life in Perth

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Life in Perth


May 2008

We are now moving into winter and we had to light our wood burning heater last night.

Of course it never gets as cold as I remember in the UK (have not seen the temperature fall below zero) but it does get cold enough to pull out the jumpers and thick socks.

Oh well I have been making the most of the warmer days and have recently returned from a holiday uo on the coral coast (it si warmer the furthe north you go) of Western Australia. My friend joined us from the UK as we ventured North with the neighbours (no not from the TV

There has been a few new pages and page updates since my last ImmigratePerth ezine..........

#1)NEW- SHANTARA - Furnished Rental in Old Quinns Rocks

Shantara takes its meaning from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. It means "elevated blessed place of Tranquility..or Blessed Peaceful place." and this charming brick and tile cottage in “Old” Quins Rocks is just that....

It's home away from home a great place to stay.....

#2)NEW- Schneider Property Buyers

Using a Home Buyers Agent is a great way to buy the right property at the right price ...........If you dont know where you want to buy and a little nervous about making a bad buy then using a home buyers agent could be the ideal solution for you. You will pay a fee for a home buyer service but I am sure they will save you more in negotiating a better deal for you.

visit Perth Property Buyers


A new addition to the Immigrate Perth web site is property for sale by private seller and here is the first property available

so if you are looking for a property in Byford....

Thats all folks for this edition of Life in Perth.

I look forward to you joining me next time for more life in Perth o when I will be telling you more exciting stuff about Life in Perth. :- Take care until then. S&G :-) xxxx

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